The fox will begin transmitting at 6:45 PM.

The last hunt may have been exciting, but this one may just be a little better yet!
"Racing Sundown"

Evenings are getting shorter, but the competition is getting more intense!

Hopefully night vision goggles will not be necessary.

Starting Information
The Rules
Official Results (When available.)

Starting from Allendale, MI

Our starting point is much flatter country than our last hunt. We will be searching over the meadowlands around Allendale. This location is especially convenient to hams in Holland, Grand Haven, Muskegon, and Grand Rapids.

Gathering Time: 6:15 PM        Hunt Start: 6:45 P.M.
Meet up by the road in front of Family Farm and Home,
6101 Lake Michigan Drive, Allendale, MI
(Just 2.5 quick miles west of the GVSU Campus)

Google Map and Instructions
Note: Google map still labels our meeting place as "Family Fare Supermarket".
It is now "Family Farm and Home".

Hunt Description and Rules

This hunt will follow the Michigan Fox Hunter rules for a 'basic 2-meter fox hunt' except as noted in this description of the 'Jamestown 880' fox hunt.  Should the two sets of rules conflict, this hunt description will be the rule.

Click here for MichiganFoxHunter.com Rules

A description from the fox team.

Set aside Sept 15, a Wednesday night, for one more of a great series of West Michigan Fox Hunts this year.


Gather at the southern end of parking lot of the Family Farm and Home store at 6101 Lake Michigan Dr in Allendale. A Huntington Bank is just in front of the store. Stay close to the Lake Michigan Dr side. Gather by 6:30 PM.

The Vixen-Fox will start transmitting at 6:45PM. Yup, 15 minutes earlier. Gotta give some people time to find us before dark!

Frequency will be 145.53, with a Robo-Fox sequence of 1 minute on, 2 minutes off.

Vixen-Fox will be within 200 feet of their vehicle. The signal will stay the same power, fixed antenna, vertically polarized.

Vixen-Fox will be within 8.13 "as the crow flies" miles of the starting spot.

Other details are typical. Vixen-Fox will be in plain site, however, they may be wearing camouflaged outfits so it may be difficult to see them.

Fox ends at 8:45 PM. Lowest mileage wins. Dopplers invited, but they only win their category.

Have a great time "trying" to find us...


Official Results

So here are the details. And it was a great hunt.

Eight cars !

I am going to list the participants by mileage:

1. At 9.1 corrected miles, "Silo" Bob KD8HNF and Frank KD8OHS. They clocked in at 8:43PM

2. At 10.6 corrected miles, that Incredible team from Muskegon, including: Jim KC8PCJ, Dave KD8OCZ, Cathy and Nancy, Jeff W8SWX along with Brenda and Nathan. This team was the first to show up at 7:54 PM

3. At 13.2 miles, Jack K8CYV and Barb KD8FBY, the "other" Muskegon Team! They clocked in at 8:44 PM.

4. At 13.8 miles, Mike W8DER, Jim KD8CAN, and Robert KC8USP They clocked in at 8:23 PM

5. At 24.5 miles, 3 of them swimming, James K8JHR and Chuck AJ8W. They clocked in at 8:43 PM

6. At 25.8 miles, "Smiling" Hank KA8COB, Sarah KD8JOB and Todd KD8OQH. They clocked in at 8:34 PM

7. At 33.1 miles, Don KG8UH and Dave N8NBU. They clocked in at 8:45 PM.

The winners by mileage are KD8HNF and KD8OHS. I looked at the route they took, and there is no way to go any shorter.

At the same time, as a "veteran" Fox Hunter, we have to tip our collective hats to this Amazing group of people out of Muskegon. This is only their second showing, and they took names. The Muskegon group took in 2nd AND 3rd for mileage, and 1st for time. I think a monster has been awakened. What is going to happen when they get "good" ! :) I looked at their map and all their bearings were dead on, including the very first one. Impressive.

I have to take a moment and make a special note of thanks to one person. And that is Jim Leys, KD8CAN. Jim is the one who is always handling the clipboard and taking names and mileage readings at the start location. I think Jim has done this over 20 times now, and his work and attitude is so very much appreciated.

I can safely state that this was a very fun hunt. Sheila and I had a great time (watching the teams coming in, and just waiting !) Thank you to all the folks involved.

And a note to anyone reading this posting who did not participate. Sheila and I took an unusual step to actually post pictures of the hiding location before the hunt. You can see these pictures at : http://www.michiganbroadcasttowers.com/foxhunt.htm

Now, to dust off our Df'ing equipment

Sheila K8AJ and Tom K8TB

Check out the fox lair at the Racing Sundown Hunt

Interactive Map, Riverside Park

Riverside Park, Ottawa County

Click on "Park Map" to see where fox was hiding.
They were at the "picnic area" along the river, at the end of the looping road.

Pictures from the Hunt

Thanks to Jim Leys and Robert Holton
Hank, KA8COB, and Sarah, KD8JOB arrive early.
A hearty welcome to all.
Setup time for Muskegon Team
Official starter, Jim KD8CAN, collects odometer readings
as equipment is readied.
Where did everyone go?
Team Kent strategy session.
Team Muskegon strategy session.
Team Lowell strategy session.
Looks like sundown won the hunt. It was awfully dark
at the end of the road in Riverside Park.
Starter, Jim KD8CAN and the Fox, Tom K8TB
Determine winning order.
One tired bunch of hams
closing McDonalds in Allendale.

Our thanks to the fox and vixen, Tom K8TB and Sheila K8AJ for another GREAT hunt!

September 15th 2010