Muskegon Area Amateur Radio Council
November Turkey Hunt!

Join us in the S/W corner of the Office Max parking lot, 1700 East Sherman at US31. Check in at 1:30 pm, start at 2:00 pm.

Sunday, November 28th.

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Once again....
Starting from SW corner of the Office Max parking lot, 1700 East Sherman at US131. Talk-in will be on the 146.940, PL 94.8, repeater. Plan on meeting at 1:30 pm with the hunt starting at 2:00. the hunt will end at 5:00 at Wendy's on Sherman just east of the starting point.

We will be using the Michigan Fox Hunter rules. Dave, KD8OCZ will be checking everyone in. The turkey, or maybe snow bunny, will be Jim, KCPCJ, because he wants to tryout his new fox transmitter timer/keyer.

Gathering Time: 1:30 P.M.        Hunt Start: 2:00 P.M.
Meet at the Office Max on East Sherman at US31
1700 East Sherman Blvd

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Hunt Description and Rules

This hunt will follow the Michigan Fox Hunter rules for a 'basic 2-meter fox hunt' except as noted in this description below.  Should the two sets of rules conflict, this hunt description will be the rule.

Click here for MichiganFoxHunter.com Rules


The fox has declared the following EXCEPTIONS to the rules for this hunt. 

  • 1.  Check with the starter for the transmission sequence to be used by Jim, KC8PCJ. 

Official Results

First Place was Tom and Sheila Bosscher K8TB and K8AJ    5.6 miles
Second was Mike Hill W8DER and Jim Leys KD8CAN and KD8FBY Barb Grob 6.0 miles
Third Place James Richards K8JHR and Chuck Nowak AJ8W with    8.8 miles
Forth place NY8D Jack Amelar and KD8HNF Bob Robinson    9.8 miles
Fifth Place was KD8MUE Jordon and KD8OCZ Dave with 10 miles

The Turkey (fox) was Jim KC8PCJ who was hiding at the lower west end of Ross park using a 3 element yagi pointed right at the starting point of the event.

It was great seeing all the out of town participation. Talk afterwards was that there may be another hunt before the end of December.



Our Fox (The Turkey) Jim, KC8PCJ
as found in Ross Park.
The hunt started 1.5 miles behind the water tower in the background
....and the hunters.
All found the Turkey within the 2-hour limit.