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Announcing the "Bring Home the Flag Fox Hunt"

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Starting Information
The Rules
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Starting Information

The hunt will begin at the home of the Grand Rapids Amateur Radio Association.

Gathering Time: 6:30 PM        Hunt Start: 7:00 P.M.
American Red Cross Building, 1050 Fuller Ave NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49503   
Directions and Map
Coming from the east or west? Please note that the 196 Expressway is closed at College Avenue. Please use Michigan Street  or Leonard Street to access Fuller Avenue.

Hunt Description and Rules

This hunt will follow the Michigan Fox Hunter rules for a 'basic 2-meter fox hunt' except as noted in this description of the 'Bring Home the Flag' fox hunt.  Should the two sets of rules conflict, this hunt description will be the rule.

Click here for MichiganFoxHunter.com Rules

This fox hunt will start from the rear parking lot of the Red Cross Building at 1550 Fuller Avenue NE. The hunt starter will ask all teams to submit the names and call signs (where applicable) of each member of their team. He will also ask for each vehicle odometer reading and trip meter reading to the accuracy of 0.1 miles. In exchange, the starter will issue each team with a numbered flag. A team will have successfully completed the hunt when they locate the matching flag next to the hidden fox transmitter.

The hunt will start at 7:00 PM to the call of the fox, Bob Robinson, KD8HNF. The fox will be transmitting on 145.530 Mhz with 145.580 Mhz as a backup frequency. The fox will transmit his chatter for 1 minute every 5 minutes and continue until the hunt is over at 9:00 PM, or until the last team finds the fox. The winning team will be the one completes the hunt before 9:00 PM and has the least number of miles traveled as determined by their odometer and trip meter.  In the case of a tie in traveled miles, the tying team or individual finishing the hunt first will be declared the winner.  The winning team will be given the fist option at being the fox for the next hunt. 

Hunt Safety Communicator

The hunt safety communicator, Rich Ranta, call sign K8JX will be standing-by on the Grand Rapids Amateur Radio Association 2-meter repeater, W8DC,  should you have any problems during the hunt. Rich will be at a fixed location and will be in phone contact with the fox if you have any questions. No hints about fox location will be given on this frequency.  Any necessary clarifications will be given by the fox so all hunters can hear.  We will be sharing access to the W8DC repeater, so lets keep this communications to a minimum. The W8DC repeater is on 147.260 Mhz with a PL tone of 94.8 Hz


If you are looking for the fox I will be sitting right here.

I will be East of __________ __________, and West of __________ __________.   After you find the fox you will be given directions to the location of the restaurant that we will be meeting at. Also it's location is North of __________ __________, and South of __________ __________.

1. If you are using a map the correct way, and you get the right answers above, you will be heading in the right direction.
2. Rain or Shine! I will be sitting high and dry.
3. I will be located less than 250 feet from the corner of the parking lot. Not including the steps.
4. I hope you don't stumble over any bones.
5. The answer to the 4 statements above, are all the same answer.
6. Looking forward to see you at this location.

..........Riddler Fox

Official Results

Bring Home the Flag Fox Hunt, July 21, 2010

One Awesome Fox Hunt without a doubt!

First Place

Laryn Lohman, K8TVZ, 7.7 miles

Second Place

Team Ottawa: Tom and Sheila Bosscher, K8TB and K8AJ 10.3 miles *arrived first
Team Kent: Jim and Mike Wolthuis KB8ZGK and KB8BBL 10.3 miles

Third Place

James Richards and Chuck Nowak, K8JHR and AJ8W 13.2 miles

Fourth Place

Robert Holton, Jim Leys and Mike Hill, K8USP, KD8CAN, W8DER 14.2 miles


The Wednesday night 'Bring Home the Flag" foxhunt was nothing short of AWSOME! Our Fox, Bob Robinson, KD8HNF, did a fantastic job putting together a textbook hunt that required an ideal balance between radio direction finding skills and orienteering skills. Bob did a lot of planning and testing to be sure that his signal was available over almost the full search area. The result was an especially enjoyable hunt for all of us.

As a 'hiding place' Bob selected an observation platform approximately seventy feet in the air. The platform was located on the side of a modified farm silo in a little known park between Grand River Drive and the Grand River itself on the east side of Grand Rapids. There was little chance to sneak up on the fox as he had great view if the countryside around his perch.

The real challenge was getting from the starting point at the Red Cross Building to the Park. The area by the river is characterized by winding roads that don't seem to go anywhere in particular before they come to a dead end. Backtracking to major roads cost almost everyone a lot of time and mileage.

The winner, however did an almost perfect job of navigating the course. Laryn Lohman, K8TVZ, of the Holland ARC, did a fantastic job of locating the Fox while traveling just 7.1 miles. That is a nearly perfect hunt for Laryn.

We would like to thank Bob, KD8HNF for all the hard work and planning he did for this hunt. We would like to also thank Rich Ranta of the MARA club for being our safety communicator, making sure everything went smoothly. Also thanks again to Jim Leys who is getting awfully good as our official hunt starter. These are the guys who made our Wednesday evening so much fun! Thank you.

The next MichiganFoxHunter.Com Foxhunt is Wednesday, August 18th.

The Fox 'Hiding" 70 feet in the air.
Hunter, Robert, KC8USP (left) looks down for more hunters
while the fox, Bob, KD8HNF makes a transmission
Unidentified hunter carries his orange flag to
the platform. That's 90 steps folks!
Reaching the top, Chuck, AJ8W heads for the platform.
Look at that stride. This guy is in shape!
Sill more fox hunters arrive, while.....
Team Ottawa rests back on the ground.
Mike, KB8ZGL (left) and Jim, KB8ZGK (right)
check out the sunset from the 70 ft platform.
And the shadows fall on one great foxhunt!

We will be telling stories about Bob's "Flags" foxhunt for a long time to come.

July 21, 2010