Starting at an altitude of 880 feet, we should be able to see the fox from there!

Bring your binoculars and that special radio direction finding equipment.

Starting Information
The Rules
Official Results (When available.)

Starting from Jamestown Hill at Star Corners

Our starting point is at the top of one of the highest hills in Ottawa County with a beautiful view of the countryside below, but plenty of places for an experienced fox to hide.  And this hunt comes complete with one of the most experienced foxes in the tri-county area. 

1840 Byron Rd
1840 Byron Road (84th Street in Kent County). Picture from Google Maps
Gathering Time: 6:30 PM        Hunt Start: 7:00 P.M.
Meet in the large circular drive
At the QTH of John Meyer K8IHY
1840 Byron Road  --   Hudsonville, MI 49426

Google Map and Instructions

Hunt Description and Rules

This hunt will follow the Michigan Fox Hunter rules for a 'basic 2-meter fox hunt' except as noted in this description of the 'Jamestown 880' fox hunt.  Should the two sets of rules conflict, this hunt description will be the rule.

Click here for MichiganFoxHunter.com Rules

This fox hunt will start from the large circular drive at the QTH of John Meyer, 1840 Byron Road, Hudsonville MI. The hunt starter will ask all teams to submit the names and call signs (where applicable) of each member of their team. He will also ask for each vehicle odometer reading and trip meter reading to the accuracy of 0.1 miles.

The hunt will start at 7:00 PM to the call of the fox, Laryn Lohman, K8TVZ. The fox will be transmitting on 145.530 Mhz with 145.580 Mhz as a backup frequency. The fox will transmit his chatter for (TBD) minute every (TBD) minutes and continue until the hunt is over at 9:00 PM, or until the last team finds the fox, whichever comes first. The winning team will be the one that completes the hunt before 9:00 PM and has the least number of miles traveled as determined by their odometer and trip meter.  In the case of a tie in traveled miles, the tying team or individual finishing the hunt first will be declared the winner.  The winning team will be given the fist option at being the fox for the next hunt. 


The fox has declared the following EXCEPTIONS to the rules for this hunt. 

  • 1.  Vehicle may not be in view; I may be on foot (but in a fixed location).
  • 2.  Antenna will be a yagi, horizontally polarized.
  • 3.  Post-hunt meeting location will be disclosed when each hunter finds the Fox, and/or at the end of the Hunt.
  • 4.  Doppler hunters may hunt, makes no difference to me! They'll just compete amongst themselves...
  • 5.  Upon finding the Fox, hunter will give odometer reading to the Fox.

Official Results

 The Jamestown 880, August 18, 2010

Like we predicted, this was an awesome fox hunt!

Ten Search Vehicles, 27 hunters, young and old!

A special thanks to hunters from the Muskegon ARC for making our hunt special.

First Place

Sheila Bosscher, K8AJ, and Tom Bosscher, K8TB.
[ 5.5 Miles Traveled.]

Second Place

Jim, KD8CAN, Dave, N8NBU, Don, KG8UH

Robert, KC8USP, Mike, W8DER

[7.0 Miles Traveled.]

Third Place

James, K8JHR, Chuck, AJ8W

[7.1 Miles Traveled]

(Not including the final dash through the corn field.)

Fourth Place

Jim, N8QMD, Sarah, KD8JOB, Hank, KA8COB [9.0 Miles Traveled]

David, KD8OCZ, James, KC8PCJ, Jeff, W8SWX [11.4 Miles Traveled]

Barb, KB8FBY, Jack, k8CYV [14.8 Miles Traveled]

Bob, KD8HNF, Frank, KD8OHS

Don, K8YES, Lee, KD8IUI




The perfect place to start a Fox Hunt.
The hilltop QTH of John Meyer, K8IHY
Official starter, Jim Leys, KD8CAN
collects names and odometer readings.
Our host, John Meyer
greets incoming fox hunters.
Don, K8YES, and Lee, KD8IUI demonstrate technique.
John Meyer reads the hunt rules while others watch.
 The fox hunt bonding ritual between
James, K8JHR, and Chuck Nowak, AJ8W
Taken by Tom Bosscher, K8TB, ( just before he fell over the bike.)
The fox is barely visible back against the corn field.
The fox taunts incoming hunters from under a shade tree.
It was a beautiful evening!
The fox, Laryn, K8TVZ, just before James, K8JHR
and Chuck, AJ8W came charging out of the corn field. 

Laryn waited in comfort as we charged down Jamestown Hill. It was a fun evening! Thanks Laryn. Great job as usual.

August 18, 2010