Fox Hunt
September 21st

Start: Family Fare Parking Lot
28th Avenue and Port Sheldon, Hudsonville/Jenison
6:30 to 8:30 PM

(Finished in the Dark)


OK, it won't be a Fox Hunt, it will be a Vixen Hunt. (Look it up!)
Our Vixen will be Sheila, K8AJ, one of our favorites. The transmitter goes on the
air at 6:30 PM, on Wednesday, September 21, 2011 with the starting point being the Family Fare
parking lot, 28th Ave and Port Shelden in Hudsonville. Frequency is the usual 145.53 Mhz.
Be sure to get there a little early so that the offical starter, Jim  KD8CAN, can record the
names on your team and vehicle milage.
This Vixen has hidden very well in the past. You are warned. More details may follow here at

Tom K8TB, related to the said Vixen.   

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Fox Hunt Results Here

GVSU Center Campus  

Vixen Found in Academia

(On the Allendale Campus of The Grand Valley State University, to be exact.)

'....They were hiding in plain sight with a gazillian students walking by.'

'We stopped, took a second look at the couple at the picnic table and walked on.'

'We were so close, the fox could have reached out and touched us!'

'There were this guy and gal sitting at a table with a book bag between then. On the third pass by we saw this little wire sticking up -- found um.'

--- some of the chatter at the strategy session at Burger King after the hunt.

When you hear that Sheila Bosscher, K8AJ, is going to be the Vixen for one of our fox hunts, you can bet that you are in for an interesting and challenging event. Sheila is known for her well planned hunts with a little twist to the norm and always a technical challenge. She also carries the heavy burden of being sure that her husband, Ole Tom the Master Hunter (K8TB), doesn't have the slightest notion of what she is planning. This time she even out-did her past hunts with the most challenging hunt of the year.

With her sister as an accomplice, Sheila slithered onto the Campus of GVSU and after stopping-by campus security, she claimed her lair on a metal picnic table on the east side The Kirkhof Center (32). (Which happens to be the busyest walkway on campus.) Of coarse Sheila came in her sister's car so Ole Tom wouldn't recognize her car among the 5000 cars parked on campus. She was also wearing her brother-in-law's jacket and a baseball cap with her long hair stuffed inside. As darkness came, even her husband surely wouldn't be able to recognize her. (..and she was right!)

The hunt started-off great! Although the foxbox signal was a little weak in the beginning, all seven teams got the general direction and started sailing across the countyside. Everyone was sure that they could find the fox before sundown. That was our first mistake. As we found our way onto the campus, we knew we were in big trouble. With all the buildings, the place is awash with reflected signals. That is -- if you could find a parking spot to make your measurements in the first place. Loosing a race with sundown, we all finally found our way to 'center campus.' Surely she must be sitting under the Cook Carillon Tower, the focal point of the campus. Not! After finding a parking spot and walking ten blocks to the tower, there was no fox.

The signal was even weaker at the carillon tower. Was this Sheila's little twist? Obviously she was behind one of the buildings, but which one. The signals seemed to be reflecting from all directions and even from the water tower at the edge of campus. That's when the foot race started. We just had to search in the moonlight.

Many thanks to Sheila for a fun hunt.

Stats: Seven teams hunting, Fox was 5.75 air miles at a bearing of 339 degrees from starting point.

First Place Team

Total Miles = 7.2 miles

Laryn Lohman, K8TVZ

Second Place Team

Total Miles = 7.3 miles
(Located the Fox first)

Tom Bosscher, K8TB
Bob Sheneman, WB8CCV

Third Place Team

Total Miles = 7.4 miles

Chuck Nowak, AJ8W
James Richards, K8JHR

Fourth Place Team

Total Miles = 10.3 miles

Mike Maciejewski, WD8AHB
Jack Maciejewski, K8CYV

Fifth Place Team

Total Miles = 10.4 miles

Gerry Lerch, K8GGL

Sixth Place Team

Total Miles = 10.5

Larry De Blaay, WD8PAP
Brian De Blaay, KD8PZJ

Seventh Place Team

Jim Leys, KD8CAN
Mike Hill, W8DER

Pictures by Bob Sheneman, WB8CCV