Results of the April Fox Hunt

Saturday, April 28th 2012
9:00 am to 11:00 am

Meeting in the Rogers Plaza Parking lot,
near the 5/3 Bank building.
(Corner of 28th Street and Michael Ave, in Wyoming)

'Larry The Fox', WD8PAP, reigning victor of the March Fox Hunt controlling the elusive beacons.


This is the hunt that they said could never be done.  ...A foxhunt up Belknap Hill, just northeast of downtown Grand Rapids.  Belknap is a massive hill full if communications towers, a maze of streets that don't go anywhere and a lovers lane that only the teens can find.  This mound of dirt exposes a direct line-of-site conduit for 2-meter signals through downtown and into the southern suburbs of Kent County.  Unfortunately for our hunters, the surface route to Belknap is full of industrial parks and tall buildings reflecting multi-path signals in every direction.  The US131 expressway bisects the route causing hunters to search for routes to cross from side to side.  Just south of Belknap, the I-196 expressway nearly blocks the few local streets to the north.  However, our fox, Larry, WD8PAP, showed that the Belknap Hill can be concurred.

The hunt started at Rogers Plaza, a mall on 28th street south of Grand Rapids. The Larry the fox instructed the hunters to find a robo-fox first to retrieve a numbered card. Cleverly, the robo-box was placed within walking distince of a long set of stairs leading to the top of the hill and the foxe's ultimate lair.  Our winner, Laryn, K8TVZ started up the hill on foot and found the fox sitting in his easy chair on the steps up the hill.  The rest of the hunters traveled by car into the maze of streets at the top of the hill and spent another hour finding the fox.  Nobody had a problem finding the debriefing meeting at McDonalds on Medical Hill afterwords.  Everyone agreed the hunt was well designed.  A good time was had by all. 

First Place

Laryn Lohman, K8TVZ
5.4 Miles

Second Place

Sheila Bosscher K8AJ, Tom Bosscher, K8TB
6.8 Miles

Also Conquering Belknap Hill

Gerry, K8GGL

James, K8JHR
Chuck, AJ8W

Mike, W8DER

Brian, KD8PZJ
and Son Cody.

Pictures by Tom Bosscher, K8TB

The Fox Lair

Robo-Fox Location

Robo-Fox Lair

Robo-Fox With Arduino Controller