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Link to: Holland Hunt April 2010

Holland ARC announces its next hidden transmitter hunt...

"The Fox and One Old Guy"
Fox Hunt

August 25th, Tuesday night.

Hear ye, Hear ye....

The Holland ARC is announcing its next hidden transmitter hunt. On August 25, a Tuesday night, at 7:00 PM, a signal from an unknown location will emanate on 145.53 Mhz, for 30 seconds and repeat every 5 minutes.

Your job, if you think you can handle it, is to find the source of that ether filling RF.

The start location for the hunters will be at the Holland ARC club house on 8th Avenue. Talk-in is on 147.060 Mhz.

You do not have to be a member of the Holland ARC group to participate. However, if you are not, and you find the fox first, you have to buy everyone late dinner.

Just kidding.

If anyone shows up with a doppler scanning antenna, they will be in a separate category. If you do not have any equipment, please come on over to the club house and see if you can ride with an equipped vehicle.

In addition, there is a new Yahoo group out for Fox Hunting in Michigan:

The messages are in the open, and you don't have to be a member to read them. To join this group, press the blue "Join This Group" button over on the right hand side.

See you all August 25. Some sooner than others.

Sheila and Tom Bosscher K8AJ and K8TB

Foxhunt logo

Results of the First Fox Hunt of the Summer at the IRA Hamfest June 6th

Click Here for final map of the hunt area and the surprise results.

There is nothing better than foxhunting on a Saturday afternoon in June. Tom and Sheila Bosscher did a masterful job of playing the fox and keeping everyone smiling. Although there were some super tired hams by 3:00 in the afternoon, it was a real good way to cap off the IRA hamfest. Click the attached link to see the surprise results and a map of the final search area. Thanks to Tom and Sheila for the super fun hunt.
Click Here for IRA Hamfest Foxhunt Results and final search map.

Yup! I'd expect you will want to bring your best fox hunting equipment to the Independent Repeater Association,

I know, everyone found me last year, but I have had a good long winter to think of some new tricks. I've picked-out a hiding spot this year that you wouldn't believe. Find me if you can!

It's the 3rd Annual....
Good Old Days Hamfest Fox Hunt.
Hudsonville Fairgrounds
Saturday, June 5th.

This year we will be having two hunts in one. Both a Doppler Class and a Basic Hunt Class will cross the starting line at the same time.  A separate winner will be recognized in each class. That will really be something to see! Of course, I will be just waiting at the other end laughing all the while.

..... Rookie Fox

Independent Repeater Association, Inc

Good Old Days Hamfest

Hudsonville, Michigan

Saturday, June 5, 2010 -- 8 AM until 2 PM

Click here for IRA Hamfest 2010 Brochure

West Michigan's Largest Hamfest and Computer Fair!

Proceeds Support the W8HVG/R Linked Repeater System

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