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Wacky Night in June Fox Hunt

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Attention! HARC Tech Ctr.

Foxhunt Tuesday Evening,
June 22nd .   Starts at
the Holland Tech Center.
Everyone is Welcome as Always!

Both Manual and Doppler Antennas Allowed
in this Hunt

Click Here for a Map to Tech Center.

Winners of the Manual Antenna Group will receive the awe and admiration of their fellow fox hunters along with the first option of being the FOX at the next HARC hunt.

Winners of the Doppler Antenna Group will receive the awe, admiration and jealous stares from their fellow fox hunters.

*Note new rule for this hunt: To “find” the Fox, one person from the team must identify him/herself to the Fox by name and call sign and give the Fox the final odometer reading.  They will be given directions to the site of the “Post Hunt Social Hour” and should then exit the hiding place without giving other hunters any hints as to the whereabouts of the Fox. Be sure to join us at the designated location to hear all the tall tales from the hunt.

Details from the Master Fox
Jim Lamberts, KC8KE,

 Tuesday, June 22, 2010 Hunt.

All hunters, hunter wannabees, relative strangers, and strange relatives are invited to participate. You don’t need to be a ham or a club member. If you don’t have fox hunting equipment yet, this is your chance to learn from someone else or at least from someone else’s mistakes. It’s free and it’s great fun!! What more could you ask?

On Tuesday, June 22, hunters and any other interested parties will start gathering at the parking lot of the Ken Groom Technical and Training Center, 280 East 8th Street, Holland at about 6:45 p.m. to check equipment, sort out who’s riding with whom, take beginning odometer readings, and taunt each other mercilessly. The hunt will begin at 7:00 p.m. sharp and end at 9:00 p.m. or when all hunters have found the Fox. In other words, the hunt will end at 9:00 p.m.

Any type of direction finding equipment may be used, but Doppler users will compete only against each other and will not be eligible for the Grand Prize...evem if there was one.  The Fox will be hiding within a ten mile radius of the clubhouse.  The Fox will remain either in, or in the vicinity of, the vehicle in a spot that will be either publicly or privately owned, but will not be posted for trespassing and will not require an admission fee, passport, or DNA sample for entry. In fact, leaving DNA samples is strictly forbidden. 

The geeky stuff you’ve been waiting for - the Fox will NOT be using that automatic computer stuff. This is a ham's fox hunt.  He will be transmitting one minute on, three  minutes off at 145.53 using an antenna of sufficient capability.  Power depends on how long the battery will last.  

Clues will be available as the hunt goes on. The winner of the hunt will be the person or team whose vehicle puts on the lowest number of miles finding the Fox.   In case of a tie, the person or team who found the Fox first will be deemed the winner.  To “find” the Fox, one person from the team must identify him/herself to the Fox by name and call sign and give the Fox the final odometer/tripmeter reading. 

Safety first. All traffic rules and regulations must be obeyed. Anyone who is fatally injured during the hunt will be automatically disqualified from the competition, but will still meet the qualifications to be the Fox for future hunts.


Be careful out there, good luck, have fun!! I will let you know now, NOBODY will find me.



KC8KE, Jim Lamberts, de FOX

Revised Official Results of June 22nd Fox Hunt

A special thanks to Jim Lamberts, KC8KE and Dave Lambert, WA8RSA for being our foxes for the evening. They were hiding on the north side of Lake Macatawa along Ottawa Beach Road, in the DNR boat launching site.

First place went to Laryn Lohman, K8TVZ, with milage of 9.2 miles

Second place went to the team of Mike, KB8ZGL and Jim, KB8ZGK with 13.0 miles.

Third place went to the team of Bob, N8UYC, Lee, KD8IUI, and Don, K8YES with 14.5 miles.

Fourth place went to the team of Chuck, AJ8W, and James, K8JHR with 18.1 miles.

----- Good going guys! --------