About Us:

About Us......

Michigan Fox Hunter is a loosely knit group of amateur radio operators who enjoy the extremely challenging and fun segment of our hobby called "hidden transmitter hunting", "fox hunting", "amateur radio direction finding (ARDF)", "bunny hunting" or just "radio direction finding (RDF).  We have found that clubs that promote hidden transmitter hunt activities enjoy a new spark in their organization and renewed comradery among members.

Because of the simplicity of the equipment required, both young and old can easily move into winning roles in fox hunting competitions. How often we have seen the young ham come to our club meetings with his/her only piece of equipment in hand -- the hand held transceiver or "HT". Show him how to make a simple tape-measure yagi antenna and he is ready for hidden transmitter hunting.

It is our goal to promote and enable fox Hunting activities in clubs all over the State of Michigan. We would ultimately like to see regional events across the state and hopefully a state invitational championship every fall.

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If you see us at your local hamfest, stop by our table and say "hello". Let us know what is working in in your club. Hopefully we can tell you what is working in other clubs. Through this kind of communication we can all grow, fox hunting will grow and our clubs will grow. Nope, we aren't selling anything, we are just promoting a super fun segment of Amateur Radio.

What is the MichiganFoxHunter Yahoo Group, you ask? It's a bulletin board specifically made to keep members and friends up to date on fox hunting activities in Michigan, buy and sell your "second best" RDF equipment, ask questions and read comments on a daily basis. You can keep track of "what's happening" in either of two ways.

Visit the Yahoo web site. The first way is to go to the yahoo site by clicking the link above or surfing to "http://groups.yahoo.com/group/MichiganFoxHunter/". (I have a shortcut on my desktop.) You can view recent postings as well as search for past achieved postings.  If you wish, you can leave replies to posted questions or ask a question of your own by selecting Post from the menu on the left or by clicking Reply from the button on each posting.

Sign-up for e-mails of postings.  After you sign-in to the MichiganFoxHunter Yahoo site, you will see a link "Edit Membership" at the top of the screen just above the MichiganFoxHunter name.  Use this link to access you membership setup, especially your preference on getting emails.  The default setup here is for you to get an email every time somebody posts a message.  THIS IS TOO MUCH E-MAIL for most members.  Most people select the option to get a daily digest of postings or no email at all.  (i.e. you will visit the site to read postings.)  You can change this setting at any time.

Members can also post messages with email by emailing the message to MichiganFoxHunter@Yahoogroups.com. Note that your email subject line becomes the posting title.

This is a moderated group. Moderators approve all new members - to keep spammers out.  They also reserve the right to remove "unfriendly postings" especially spam.

Please join us!